Friday, 17 September 2010

Tour of Britain at Wheddon Cross

Great excitement in the village on Tuesday, as lots of people lined the street to cheer on the Tour of Britain contestants. That day's ride started in Minehead, so the cyclists had only done one King of the Mountains challenge by the time they got here (2 more to go). Weather not that brilliant so they were a bit soaked!
It seemed to me that there were fewer competitors than in previous years. But that could be to do with it still being early in the day and the riders being less spread out.
It's always as interesting to watch all the entourage - marshalls, support vehicles, outriders, media folk, police, medics, sponsors, etc - as the race itself; quite an operation!
Our guests watched the race with us from the dining room - we had a grandstand (and warm & dry) view, and could wave majestically while having our coffee.

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