Friday, 10 September 2010

September's a great time for travelling

It occurred to me today that September is a really good month for going to... more or less anywhere. Seems that in most places in the world, it's a month when the weather is (relatively) kind. Here in England, of course, children have gone back to school and adults who are child-free start thinking about peaceful getaway breaks.

In the middle of Exmoor National Park, where we are, the traditional holiday season doesn't necessarily mean crowds of people (they tend to congregate more in coastal areas). So, generally it's fairly peaceful at any time of year. You don't get the 'footpath as motorway' syndrome (you know what I mean...) that can afflict other national parks.

And, yes: September is a wonderful time to visit Exmoor too. Temperatures should be good for walking; the  moorland is just beginning to show some autumn colour; there's plenty going on in the towns and villages (e.g. Porlock Arts Festival this weekend).

Why not come on over for a few days? See our website for details about short breaks packages at Exmoor House.

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