Thursday, 10 June 2010

Who ate all the pies?

Er, well, actually... we did! All in the interests of research, you understand.

Frank's been making proper pies, which now feature regularly on the dinner menu at Exmoor House Wheddon Cross. They're going down a storm.

Why proper pies? Well, the ingredients are baked in the crust; they're not that kind of 'pie' that's more like a casserole with a bit of puff pastry plonked on top. And speaking of pastry, Frank makes a great all-butter shortcrust.

As you might expect, in keeping with our 'traditional with a twist' food philosophy, we offer some slightly different fillings in our pies... like duck & apricots; or Somerset cheddar with shallots & herbs.

Like the sound of them? Why not book dinner one night - or better still, book a few nights' stay! Hope to see you soon.

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