Monday, 21 June 2010

Ironmen and ironwomen on Exmoor

Yesterday was the half Ironman, starting at Wimbleball Lake (about 8 miles from Wheddon Cross). Everybody staying with us over the weekend was either competing in the event, or supporting somebody who was.

So we were up at 3.45am yesterday, feeding carbs to everyone so that they could go and jump in the lake at about 6.30. The water's always pretty cold, but I'm sure they will have warmed up after their run and bike ride! From the reports we've had so far, it all went pretty well.

We're thinking maybe we should start doing breakfast at 4.30am every day - would it catch on, I wonder? It was fantastic seeing the sun come up, but possibly the view wouldn't be so welcoming in midwinter. It would be great if there were always that many hours in the day, though - we'd done a full day's work by 11!

Congratulations to everybody who completed Ironman - we hope to see some of you next year (if not before).

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