Friday, 19 March 2010

Walking on Exmoor - some walks we've done recently

Frank and I found ourselves with a bit of free time over the last week or so, and we've discovered some walks we hadn't done before....

...From Exford, along the river Exe towards Nethercote, then climbing up to Room Hill and Road Hill and back to Exford via Court Farm (this was on a perfect frosty morning - lovely)

...Up over Dunkery Hill via the Rowbarrows, along the lane then across Bagley Combe and back over Dunkery again (the scenery is very different on the two sides of Dunkery Hill you see on this walk - an amazing contrast)

We revisited some old favourites too: including Snowdrop Valley (of course!). Some of our guests were down there yesterday and report that the snowdrops are still looking great. The primroses are out too and the daffodils are on the way.

And we did the walk down Putham Lane and over to Hart Cleeve, up to Lype Hill and then following the Coleridge Way back to Wheddon Cross. Quite a brisk wind on the hills - very refreshing!

The moor still looks quite wintery, but the signs of spring are here: apart from the flowers mentioned above, we spotted the first few gorse flowers and some catkins, and the beeches are in bud. The new lambs are arriving now, of course, too.

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