Friday, 5 March 2010

Is spring here at last?

Wow - it's been absolutely gorgeous here these past few days, with those fabulous clear skies that Exmoor does so well. We finally made it down to Snowdrop Valley, which is looking spectacular. Even better than last year! I think the snowdrops should still be good for the next week or so. If you're walking down there, I'd recommend avoiding the last bit of path and going on the road instead (watch out for tractors etc) as it's very slippery.
Yesterday we went to Lynton & Lynmouth - we drove there the Simonsbath way, then back via the coast road. There was an icy wind - very refreshing, not to mention bracing - and the views from the top of the cliff railway were as good as we've ever seen (often, Wales gets lost in the haze but it didn't yesterday).
Here's to a lovely weekend...

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