Thursday, 26 January 2017

Snowdrop Valley 2017, Wheddon Cross, Exmoor, Somerset

Snowdrop Valley is exactly that: a valley with lots of snowdrops. Tucked away on Exmoor in Somerset, just a mile or so from our guest house in Wheddon Cross, it's special because you can see the snowdrops flowering in natural woodland (many snowdrops walks are in a more formal setting such as parkland).

February is generally peak snowdrop season, although of course it depends mainly on the weather as to when the blooms will be at their best. Access to Snowdrop Valley is by walking, or by minibus. The walk, which takes you down to the valley and back up again, is very pretty. As you might imagine, it can be very muddy, so you need to wear wellies or walking boots.

The minibuses are organised by our local parish council. They run from the village car park (across the road from our place and next to the pub). You'll also find an information point where you can get directions and advice and buy snowdrop-related souvenirs. If the village car park is full, there is generally overflow parking available at the cattle market just down the road (except on market days).

In 2017 the road to Snowdrop Valley is closed from 28th January to 26th February inclusive, hence the park & ride minibuses. The park & ride service runs from 4th to 19th February, so on the other dates you can only get to the valley if you walk.

The Wheddon Cross village website has regular updates. You can also download a bus timetable and an information leaflet.

If you fancy a few nights' break on Exmoor to see the snowdrops, you can enjoy a relaxing stay at Exmoor House and enjoy our great food.

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