Thursday, 11 June 2015

How about a wildlife safari on Exmoor?

A popular day (or half a day) out for our guests is to book an Exmoor safari.   

We are lucky enough to have not one but two safari companies based in our village:  BarleValley Safaris and Red Stag Safari

They are both run by local people who really know the moor and can take you to places off the beaten track, where you have the best chance of viewing animal, bird  and plant life. It is always best to book your safari as far in advance as possible, to be sure that your preferred time and date are available.

If you have booked a house party at Exmoor House, you could arrange an exclusive safari just for your group; there are various options for this.

Red deer hinds - photo by Liz Mitchell

You might be lucky enough to see herds of red deer. At this time of year the hinds may have their young with them. In autumn the stags have fully-grown antlers, ready for the rut.

Exmoor ponies wearing their winter coats

Exmoor ponies roam free on the moor and are a beautiful sight.

Deer and ponies are just a couple of well-known examples of the wildlife you could encounter on Exmoor... see our nature calendar for more.

Fancy a break in Exmoor National Park? Do get in touch. You can book with us by phone or via our website.

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