Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lunches and meetings at Exmoor House Wheddon Cross

Do you like the sound of a private lunch with friends or family, made especially for you? Do you need a local Exmoor venue for a small meeting, with catering? You could reserve exclusive use of the lovely dining room (or the comfy guest sitting room) at Exmoor House for your group.
Prices would depend on what you would like to eat and drink. We’ll cater for a minimum of four
The dining room at Exmoor House
people and a maximum of about twelve and we will design a menu around your requirements. Tailor-made food: quite appropriate, since Exmoor House was originally a tailor’s shop.

We take pride in our food, all properly home-made using good local ingredients. There’s more information here:
and here:

And of course if you'd like to discuss your ideas, or come and have a look around, do get in touch.

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