Monday, 5 July 2010

Liz Jones vs Hope Bourne?

I was reading an article the other day which suggested that Liz Jones' book about living on Exmoor is still deterring some people from visiting the area. What a shame if that's the case! Exmoor has so much to offer - and is easily the friendliest place we've lived. We feel privileged to be here.

Now, I've read extracts from Liz J's book (which were, it has to be said, obviously chosen to suit the agenda of the articles in which they were quoted), and these were pretty negative about the area. But not having read the whole thing yet, I don't know whether she does get more positive. I read some of her 'Mail' columns during the time she was splitting up with her husband - brave of her to make public so much (wincingly too much) very personal information - but that's by the bye. Will have to read the book and report back!

But if you're looking for a completely different perspective, try what I'm reading now: Hope L Bourne's classic 'Wild Harvest'. It's a manifesto for self-sufficiency in which she shares her life philosophy and paints a loving, warts-and-all portrait of Exmoor in all its moods. I'd recommend her book 'Living on Exmoor' too. What a remarkable woman.

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