Saturday, 24 April 2010

Simonsbath, Wheal Eliza & Cow Castle

The weather was perfect for walking last Saturday, and we had a couple of hours to spare in the afternoon, after going to visit a friend and her two new pigs (the pigs destined for bacon and sausages eventually, but having a lovely time meanwhile)... so off we went to Simonsbath.

There's a lovely walk from there along the Barle Valley, past the remains of the Wheal Eliza mine, round the Cow Castle hillfort and then up to Pickedstones and back through the fields and woods. Beautiful and varied scenery all the way, including panoramic views from up near Pickedstones. Part of the route follows the Two Moors Way (and waymarking is good along the whole walk).

We both got a bit surnburnt (my nose is peeling now!) although it didn't feel overly hot - just right for walking, as I said! The sunny weather - along with a cool breeze - has continued most of this week, so our guests have been having a great time getting out and about on Exmoor.

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