Friday, 20 November 2009

Red deer viewing on Exmoor

Some of our recent guests were very lucky to spend 2 hours watching a herd of red deer on the Exford side of Dunkery. 'Compulsive viewing!' they said. There were 2 stags, vying for the attention of about 20 hinds, and a 3rd stag who managed to abduct 2 of the females. As a bonus, our guests also saw Exmoor ponies.
We retraced their steps the other day, but alas the deer were nowhere to be seen. It was exceptionally windy, so they were probably sheltering in the combe. We did see ponies, though, now with their winter coats well growing in.
We walked into Stoke Pero, had a look round the tiny ancient church and got screamed at by the resident guinea-fowl at the nearby farm (better at raising the alarm than geese, I reckon!).
Sometimes people are surprised at how 'cultivated' parts of Exmoor are, as it doesn't maybe fit with their vision of a moor; but when you get up around Stoke Pero it's wilder countryside. Lovely for a bracing walk on a windy day, and all part of Exmoor's charm - we're so privileged to have such a fantastic variety of scenery on our doorstep.

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