Friday, 29 May 2009

Spot of lunch or dinner?

Now we've got some fine summery weather at last, you might be thinking about getting out and about a bit more. Did you know that we do lunches and dinner at Exmoor House for non-residents?

Because we make everything ourselves we do need a bit of notice, though, so advance booking (at least 24 hours in advance for dinner, a few days before for lunch) is essential.

You can book lunch for a minimum of 4 people, maximum about 12. Let us know the kind of thing you'd like - e.g. ploughman's, soup & sandwiches, buffet or a more substantial meal - and we'll do you a quote!

Dinner is a set 3-course menu, which changes every day, with a couple of choices for each course. We can cater for various dietary requirements (for example vegetarian, wheat-free, dairy-free...). That's another reason why we need bookings in advance - being in a very small village we have to order most of our supplies in.

Do get in touch if you'd like any more information.

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